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Originally Posted by AndrewJ View Post
Gday Lee

Did you save the log?????
If so, you can also use something like PHDLab to view the runs.
I cant see how big the drive pulses are in RA, but as they swing from positive to negative, it indicates its not just drift.
I agree that maybe the max RA duration is being exceeded,
but the graph scale appears to hide that info
This can be easily checked from the log data
ref a log from a mount that had too low a setting and when the guides cant keep up, you get the bad excursions.
Andrew, I'd expect if the max duration was insufficient that once guiding stabilised the corrections would always be in the same direction and the plot would drift off the top or bottom of the graph.

The PHD2 guys might consider having a warning popup if it wants to exceed the duration limit often and in the same direction. I'll ask them.
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