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Donít worry about cloudy skies , you will get your chance to give this great camera a workout soon
In regards to cooling Iím of the understanding that when I set it to -10C in APT , itís actually-10C below outside ambient as APT gives you the current temperature of the camera before you cool. Over the past week when connected APT reads the camera temperature to be between 16C and 18C so in actuality the sensor is cooled to only +6C to +8C when set at a target of -10C. Is that your assumption or understanding ?? The ZWO specs say this camera can be cooled to -35C below ambient. I think when summer hits with 22 to 28C nights I will be cooling to -15C to -20C
Your thoughts ?

Paul 71

Thanks for the kind comments
I was thinking to make the jump down to Deep Space section early next year once Iíve spent some imaging time itís this camera.I donít want to embarrass myself so no rush

Thanks All again
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