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M8 Lagoon Full Moon with ZWOASI2600MC

More testing with my new ZWOASI2600MC camera so gave it a work using M8 Lagoon Nebula out under Bortle 8 Sydney skies , Full Moon rising , neighbours flood lights , 3 minute subs with the ZWO 2Ē Duoband filter

6Ē f6 Bintel newt on an EQ6-R Mount
ZWOASI2600MC with ZWO 2Ē Duoband filter and Baader Coma Corrector
Camera cooled to -10C
40 x 180sec dithered guided subs
20 x darks
20 x flats ( 19000 ADU and 0.92 sec ) using an A3 LED illuminated drawing panel with touch control variable illumination and white T shirt double thickness
PHD2 guiding at 0.90 to 1.20 arc sec error
Goto and tracking EQMOD StellariumScope and Stellarium
Frame Focus and Capture APT
Stacked in DSS
Processed in Startools V1.6 OSC linear data set

After using a Canon 600D DSLR for just over 3 years , I canít believe how good this camera is under heavy light polluted skies using the Duoband filter
Using my DSLR the maximum sub length in Sydney was 60 to 90sec and even then the subs were washed out with all types of noise and obviously worse in summer.

Also Iíve only been cooling the camera to -10C and according to the specs itís capable of up to -45C below outside ambient so dark current can still be greatly reduced even though thereís minimal noise in the subs in the first place

So much more experimenting and testing to do and I havenít even got down to my dark site yet

Totally gobsmacked with this camera !!!

Original frame version
Crop version at 2.5 x zoom to show more detail

Comments most welcome
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