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I am north of Melbourne, and the SCP sits right over melbourne, so the light polution makes it very difficult to see octans. On a clear moonless night, I am able to see it though. I use to always use my polar scope, and have placed marks on the ground for the 3 legs of my tripod, which really made it easy to align. When I upgraded to version 3.35 and now 3.36 of my synscan, I just use its polar alignment function. It works really well, and takes me about 5 - 10 minutes to get something I am happy with. I have not looked through my polars scope since. I did try alignmaster a few times, but found that the had controller acheived better results.
Once I have done the polar alignment, I place the scope in home, and it is over to EQMOD, stellariam and PHD.
This works well for our HEQ5
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