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Originally Posted by gary View Post
Hi Trevor,

Great to hear the locknut is doing its stuff.

Kev's GSO 16 has a similar arrangement and there is a locknut supplied
in the kit.

Excellent! You are fortunate to live in a part of the world where dark skies
are readily accessible. How many are in your group?

Thanks Trevor! You are welcome.

Bet you are counting down to Mauna Kea!

Best Regards


Hi Gary,
Our group varies in number, we have a core of 12 plus we get the occasional tourist passing through town and occasional professional people that get posted out here for short periods of time.

Within our core group we have a fair range of equipment, Robinson College has an 8" Dob that is available to us and within the group is a 16" Bintel Dob, 12" Bintel Dob, 12" Lightbridge, 10" Lightbridge, 8" Bintel Dob, Celestron C-8 and a Meade ETX. We also have 15 x 70 Binoc's on a trapezium mount and various other sets of binoculars.

Occasionally we use the 16" eq mounted scope in my observatory. We really have become to successful of late and I can no longer fit the whole group inside my dome, so we now generally observe as a group out of town.

The Argo Navis will be a real boon for group observing and obviously will cut down the time it normally takes us to star hop to the particular target we want to observe. That said, I am very fond of my Herald Bobroff Astro Atlas and I am very pleased with the Argo feature that refers to the HB chart number for the target object.

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