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Smile Thank you

Originally Posted by Quark View Post
Greetings Gary,
Thanks for the tip regarding a locknut on the Azimuth bolt, where it protruded through the base of the Lightbridge. This addition securely locks the Az pulley without inducing excessive drag into my modified Az bearing system. Prior to the addition of the locknut I was experiencing some rotation of the pulley.
Hi Trevor,

Great to hear the locknut is doing its stuff.

Kev's GSO 16 has a similar arrangement and there is a locknut supplied
in the kit.

Have sussed out a new observing site not far from Broken Hill that is a major improvement over the one my group had been using. When Kev gets this current rush of work related travel out of the way we will set up together and get his Argo operational.
Excellent! You are fortunate to live in a part of the world where dark skies
are readily accessible. How many are in your group?

The encoder direction sense sign (+/-) in SETUP AZ STEPS should end up being
identical to that on your LightBridge.

Thanks for assisting Kev.

To determine Kev's SETUP ALT STEPS sign, push the scope to the
vertical, DIAL up MODE FIX ALR REF, ALT REF=90 and press ENTER.
Then DIAL up MODE ENCODER. Push the OTA down toward the horizon.
If the right-hand displayed value becomes larger, i.e. +90, +91, +92 etc.
then reverse the sign in SETUP ALT STEPS. if it decreases, leave it at the
value it currently is set at.[/QUOTE]

Thanks again for your most excellent service and assistance with helping me sort out the setup of my Argo to communicate with "The Sky".
Thanks Trevor! You are welcome.

Bet you are counting down to Mauna Kea!

Best Regards

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