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Originally Posted by gaa_ian View Post
Here in Gove we are about to join the AG club. We are currently fitting the AG to our 18" dob. It's also a good opportunity to give the scope a complete renovation, especially making some improvements to the primary mirror mounting arrangements.
Without the "Push to" assistance of the AG, we tend to go back to the same old same old DSO's.
Hi Ian,

Thanks for the post and good to hear the unit arrived in Nhulunbuy.
Great to hear the installation is also a good opportunity for some renovation
work on what is undoubtedly a well loved scope.

At 12S latitude, you would be getting some of the best of both hemispheres,
being able to see both Ursa Major and Crux at the same time.

Once The Wet kicks in around Nov/Dec, does that limit your observing
nights, or on any given night, is there typically a downpour followed by
clearing skies afterwards?

Best Regards

Gary Kopff
Wildcard Innovations Pty Ltd
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