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Originally Posted by Kevnool View Post
Still havent given the AN a run yet Gary , I wish I could stop driving around the countryside ( i got home from Forbes today. )

This sat night is on the may be list if it dont eventuate it will have to wait till weekend after because driving off to Sydney again ( No i,m not a truck driver). I dont want to take it out the front yard as i want its first run to be out in the stix and memorable

Cheers Kev.
Hi Kev,

Sounds like you have been putting in some miles!

At least the saving grace for you there in Broken Hill is that really excellent
dark skies are not too far a drive out of town. Hopefully you will get the chance
during the last couple of weekends in the month near Last Quarter and New Moon
and that the spring weather will be clear and the seeing and transparency
perfect on those nights.

Best Regards

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