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Guide Cameras

So I'm currently in the market searching for a new guide camera. Currently I'm using an ImagingSource DMK31BF03 camera via fire wire.

Unfortunately, no matter how much i like that camera, the fire wire interface and the extra power required from the laptop is a pita most of the time, and severely limits my choice of laptop to take with me.

So USB is the order of the day, and there's a few models I'm thinking about, and probably a few other good choices I haven't heard about. Unfortunatly, the SXCCD hardware is a bit out of my price range right now (oh how i'd like a lodestar/superstar.)

So the ones I'm looking at are

QHY5L-II - I like this cause its fully in the 1.25" form factor the whole length which gives some interesting options and the fact it has an ASCOM driver also is of interest.

ZWO ASI120MM - native 2" thread is interesting, bit heavier than the QHY5L-II but the mounting threads covering the back of it give ideas for future uses.

Any others people can recommend or steer me away from?
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