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Grainy sky pics for timelapse with Canon 7d

I am very happy with my 7d and use it for astrophotos as well. As long as I use post processing (stacking , noise reduction) I can go up to 3200 or sometimes even 6400 ASA to get a decent low noise.
But for time lapsing I need a lot of pictures which are grain refined in itself because the camera has to take every 20s ... 1 minute a picture using a time lapse controller such as an Aputure cable release or an Android device with the DSLR controller app.
Even when setting the C Fn II Image => Long exposure noise reduction to ON and High ISO speed noise reduct'n to STRONG, the pictures are rather grainy even at 1600. Strange, pictures taken indoor @ 3200 or even 6400 are less grainy when when the latter setting si set to NORMAL.
OK it can be removed by Photoshop, GIMP or DPP, but when I have hunderds of pics to be grain-refined manually that is not an option.
Here an example of a 1600 iso pic of 1 second.
What am I doing wrong ?
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