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Originally Posted by CosmicEcho View Post
Iím sorry, but English is not my first language. And yes, they are both fine instruments. But they are merely products that have produced about a decade apart, and the result is different.

Itís amusing how you manage to wiggle in and boast about what you have or drive. I guess that makes you a better person. And Iím truly happy for you.

Oh, and Capish? I really donít understand how that should be taken?

I'm finding your assumptions and responses to be annoying and deluded.

There are a total of 3 Alluna Telescopes in Australia at present, and judging from the nearly 2000 views about my experience with the only one on the east coast at present, IIS users seem genuinely interested.

DSI will make you a RCOS let's drop the nonsense they are a being manufactured a decade apart.

The Mustang was a rental.... and I was illustrating a point, not bragging....suggest you put rent a F488 and 315 cubic inch 'Stang and take them for a spin and draw your own conclusions.

I suppose I could have chosen Crepe Suzette vs Pankake stack at Macca's as an analogy...but hey...I think interested punters got the drift. (4 wheel drift....'scuse the pun )

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