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Originally Posted by Allan_L View Post
Feel free to ask any questions, and see if you can get to an observing session near you. The star parties forum is a good place to start.

Also, if you haven't already, you should download the FREE planetarium software Stellarium. (
It will help you find some interesting stuff to track down.

Clear Skies
First off thanks for the warm welcome!

We have tried contacting the local astronomical society a couple months ago before we bought the telescope but emails and phone calls were going unanswered so it was a little difficult. We haven't tried again but did see some articles in the local newspaper a while back so they are obviously still around. Will have to try again soon.

As for Stellarium, we've already got that program which has been very helpful in finding our way around the night sky. We are only beginners so finding some things still proves difficult. But that is half the fun!

As for the clear skies, well not so much recently unfortunately!
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