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You know when I first joined up here and started with a GSO 10” dob , I always wondered how people afford all this gear. Now many years on, while I have acquired better gear the far greater thing was the journey and the friends I made along the way in this hobby. I am very fortunate to have some great buddies that I coloaborate with a lot and we share our gear. Jokingly as Apoman will often say “what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine”.
As well as the many many friends I met via Iceinspace , some sadly not with us today also. The summit of the mountain is a lonely place with no one to share. And then there is the understanding family who play a huge part.

Money and gear both will come in time , the struggle to climb is the fun. Best of all are mates and family who help you climb. My first dob seemed expensive to me then and now the next thing looks expensive there will always be something better around the bend...
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