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Originally Posted by luka View Post
Gilles, did you mean LGPL 2.1? I am not aware of GPL 2.1, only of GPL2 or GPL3.
The small problem with LGPL is that the source code can be used in proprietary programs, i.e. that someone could start commercially selling cameras using cam86 software/firmware. GPL does not allow this.

I started adding few more options to the driver but will wait for comments/bug reports before releasing the new version. It is not finished yet anyway... I also want to test the new firmware over a longer time.
Ouch ! i must say i'm confused, i misunderstood the purpose of LGPL.
I've chosen this one because of Indilib, wich is using the same.
I understand in what you are saying that LPGL is not suitable for what Rome & Sergiy asked ! Argh...

But can we use pure GPL2/3 with d2xx and/or libftdi ???

That said, I think I have two options
- switch the cam86 library into a separate project published under GPL.
- ask Indilib maintainer his opinion regarding 3rdparty drivers

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