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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
I'd like to see a Sony data sheet that shows an absolute QE for their sensors. Every (Sony) data sheet I've seen to date has relative QE's....a useless figure IMHO.

As far as I know, Sony don't publish this data...hence I'd question (QHY's) claims of 50% QE in H-Alpha for *any* Bayer matrix sensor.

I'd however be very happy to be shown a suitable web link.....
You may want to change the "QHY" claim and put everyone that sells cameras with this chip in it, so get YOUR facts right Peter before blowing your horn !.

On your question though, its the sensor that has a total QE, NOT after debayer film QE. The "True" final product actually hitting the surface of the Sensor, is of course less. But is still advertised as the sensor QE. And before you say anything else, SBIG also do this too. They will put the same QE for the mono and color of the same chip, e.g 11000M/CM.
Further, take the ICX-285 from Sony also shows a "Relative" QE of xx but Sony DONT state the "Absolute" QE on this either except as a relative value, yet everyone (FLI, APOGEE, etc) prints the QE as an absolute value with reference to 100 % . Go tell them, oh wait, you wont..

Lastly (I hope) the thread is on a different subject, NOT the Sony Sensors QE.


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