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Comet Lemmon and Panstarrs 28mm widefield.


This is the one I've been waiting for, comet Lemmon and Panstarrs on the same image.
Don't mind saying it was difficult to set this up, a narrow window before sunrise, 4 dgrees of hill in the way, limitations with the dome slit and having to mount the camera at the front of the scope at a very odd angle. Took about an hour.

Anyway to the image.

Panstarrs bottom left, Lemmon more obvious to the right near the SMC.

Canon 1100D, 18 to 55 zoom lens at 28mm f/4, piggy back on HEQ Pro 5 mount.
3 x 5 minute subs, ISO 800, stacked in DSS, processed in PS7.

Think I've imaged just about every way possible with my gear.


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