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D'oh! EQ6, no link to M.C. - stand alone mode

I think I've fried the EQ6 MC Board.

Was intending to field test PC direct mode for the Mac Pro with EQMac last night. I did my research and got it all working in the shed yesterday.
Did my initial setup and 1 star alignment ok, all good, slewing fine, happy days.

Problem was that I went to setup PC direct mode, then plugged the SSAG auto guider cable into the mount, then stupidly plugged the other end into the Synscan hand controller!
(Yep, a newbie mistake). Pretty sure I heard a subliminal clunk noise at that time.

I quickly realized my error, plugged it back into the SSAG, and plugged the correct cable/keyspan/USB serial port adaptor into the handset and laptop.

Booted up EQMac but it couldn't find the mount. (it could yesterday)
Booted up PHD and it appeared to work ok.

Tried various sequences of restarting, powering off, unplugging etc. but the hand controller keeps displays the message....

"No link to M.C. Stand alone mode."

...and the mount won't slew : (

Would appreciate any helpful suggestions as to appropriate course of action?


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