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Hi Eric, I don't have a lot of experience with Astro imaging, but I have loads of experience with photoshop and commercial photography.

Once you get the hang of shooting RAW you will wonder how you did without it. Fred is correct when he mentioned that RAW files apply none of the colour balance info to the file. This means making colour balance chnges to the raw in post is just as good as shooting with the corrrect balance, not one bit of difference.

You also mention that you think your files shouldn't need such large amounts of colour correction. You'd be suprised how much is often needed in everyday photography sometimes when strange light sources are used, so even large changes shouldn't have an adverse effect.

I would recomend setting a Kelvin white balance which gets you close, then do the rest in post. When you find good settings for the adjustment, these could be saved and applyied to everything.

This thread has reminded me of Tiger Woods career (or what I've heard of it). First he was awesome, won loads of tournments. Then he decided he could be better if he completely re-worked his swing. This took him almost 2 years and he didn't win much at all. Now he's got his swing working great and he's back winning like crazy and far more consistant than he used to be.

I've been amazed by your images Eric, and to be honest I was quite shocked to discover you were only shooting JPEG. I can't wait to see what you can show us once you get through this time of intense learning.

Good Luck,

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