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Originally Posted by EzyStyles View Post
Thanks for your thoughts guys. i haven't even grasp using RAW mode yet letting alone using this at all. I was 20 minutes late asking Leon back for the 20D as i know DSLR Focus works with the 20D.

Again, really appreicated for your input and replies into convincing me to stick with the 40D. I know it is an absolute dream of a camera for astro stuff, but grade 1 cannot possibly do year 12 maths. i think all in all, it is just the bad experience which had put me off it completely. have tried to like it, but the simplicity of a 350d is just nice for me. maybe 450d modded might be the way to go?

Tried using IRIS to prcess my images but don't think IRIS likes jpg's . need to learn RAW ... no point 14bit raw if i havent even done 12bit.

Sorry for any let downs i don't normally winge but kinda feel like what the hell stuff it atm. Also moved house etc and setting my scope up takes even much longer than before ,,just bits and pieces added up. might have a break from imaging .
Your correct that Iris doesn't like jpeg to process. It is very easy to take them as raw, drag the file into the RAW converter in iris and you then have an easily processed fit or pic file.
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