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Hi Eric
Gee thats a bummer.
Heres 2 single Eta carina subs, 1 taken with no filter at all, so shows IR and vis. light, 5 mins ISO200the other with uv/ir and UHCS filter ISO400, 600 sec exposure. All taken with 6 inch f3.6 SN.

I use Iris to process my images, it does not use white balance, so it makes no difference wether I use AWB or now, it simply debayers the raw image and rebayers it with no colour balance, as there are more green pixels on the chip than red or blue, the resultant image has strong green cast, Iris also processes in linear mode, so the stacked image at first looks terrible, see the 3rd pic which is 4x5 mins ISO200 unfiltered. After balancing the colour and stretching levels wuith "dynamic stretching" function, and increasing colour bacance the 4th image is the result. Do your 350D subs look like mine in colour?

With the 40D was it modded with clear glass or a modified IR cut filter.

Also I checked with Hutech, the daylight front filter they say wont work with EFS lenses (of which I have) meaning Id need to get a screw in one, but Id still need the front mounted one to use my telephoto lenses for daylight work, I will brobably instead go the whole way of buying a 450D bost for daylight use and one off Hutech for astro and IR daylight work
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