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Thanks for info Gama and Tornado33. I have Mintron MTV-62-EX colour camera that is using EX-View Sony CCD. For astronomy it is almost useless because of noise and hot pixels. It is so bad that often I got problem to orient myself in visible star field because of extra “stars”(hot pixels). It may get better when I will fit it with Peltier cooling. GStar is OK but it is very difficult to get good RGB images with it and 100mm Achromat because need to very accurately refocus for each colour. DSI Pro produces much cleaner pictures then Mintrons, Gama is right those two extra ADC bits make big difference. But, same problem with focusing (it is actually more difficult to focus then Mintrons) and also it is bulky and heavy; especially with Peltier I fitted on it.
The solutions as to get APO refractor or to spend few thousands on good camera are financially out of reach.
I like Q-quider because it’s ani blooming feature and its size and its higher resolution. It should not be too difficult to fit it with Peltier cooling. I will be watching for any images done with this camera.
Other option is to get colour security camera that uses Sony HAD CCD and frame integration. It may not be so noisy as EX-View CCD.
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