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Originally Posted by Zuts View Post
Hi Scott,

A bit of noise as well. Still for 300 bucks it seems an absolute bargain. The colour version is almost cheap enough at $260 to just buy and see how it performs. I could always then sell my DSI 1 which i got for 100 bucks and use the qhy as a guide camera. The colour version should be far more sensitive than the DSI.

I notice from the specs that the shutter speed is limited to 60 seconds. Is this true or can you go beyond this?

The slider only goes so far (its in milliseconds) shortest possible is 1 millisecond though really short exposures dont do well theres some uneven ness in the images till one gets to past 10 millisecs or so. However one can numerically input any value, even past 60 secs, ive tested it up to 4 mins, by that time theres a fair bit of noise but for an uncooled camera thats expected.
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