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Originally Posted by tornado33 View Post
Excellent, Im looking forwards to using it for guiding (if the weather ever clears)

Heres a longer exposure, think it was about 30 secs long.
Theres horozontal banding. Thats obviously not a big issue for guiding. Theers probably proceedures for removing it. Exposures shorter then a few seconds dont show any such banding
Hi Scott,

A bit of noise as well. Still for 300 bucks it seems an absolute bargain. The colour version is almost cheap enough at $260 to just buy and see how it performs. I could always then sell my DSI 1 which i got for 100 bucks and use the qhy as a guide camera. The colour version should be far more sensitive than the DSI.

I notice from the specs that the shutter speed is limited to 60 seconds. Is this true or can you go beyond this?

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