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Viewing Deck Plan Change

Hi everyone, just an update about the elevated Viewing deck I was going to construct at the end of my Patio.
Well, that's not happening now and in its place I an putting a low deck upon which I will put my spa and the deck will extend out to the pool.

As for the Telescope, I am currently building a viewing deck further up the back of my yard. From there (with an elevation of just 800mm) I will have a reasonably clear field of view from Sth West to Sth East and also clearing my house as well as the neighbours. To the north I will have a fair field of view though there is trees but I hope to be able to convince the local council to possibly trim those trees a wee bit. There is a vegetation strip at the back but its not a reserve or protected land.

Once I get the viewing deck done I will then look at putting sides on and a sliding roof.
I will have a Steel Pier atop a reasonable concrete base. 1400 deep round hole with a 600x700x400 square section as the top area.
The steel pier will be 225diameter with a wall thickness of 12mm. It will be approx. 1 to 1.2m high.

Q. A. Is it better to leave the steel pier empty?
B. Fill/half fill it with concrete?
C. fill it with expanding foam?

Then atop of the pier will be a top plate to take a HEQ5 pro mount and a Celestron ALT/AZ mount.

As of this Saturday 7 March 2020 I will have all of the concreting done.
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