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Originally Posted by pmrid View Post
Cheers Alex,

here are a couple more pics I took for you. I note that you have already settled on a course of action but rather than waste these pics, I will attach them for the amusement of others.

Sorry for the delay in a reply.
First I thank you for going to the trouble of taking the photos and posting them.

What you show is really what I would like to do but it requires that I buy a welder, not a problem, but would have to build it in Sydney..anyways the more I have thought about it the more I have convinced myself that the ply and fiber glass overlay will do the job.
I mix black tile grout in my final layer of resin and lay a sheet of paper over the wet resin to produce a very smooth it should be strong and aesthetically pleasing...I will use two layers of form ply..which I have already rounded up.
Yesterday I took measurements and just about ready to start...
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