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Originally Posted by Ukastronomer View Post
You really are a DIY'er aren't you
Yes. Once if I wanted something I had to build it cause many things I wanted did not exist or were unaffordable...and I enjoy it from a creative point of art I guess..and you are not too bad at it ...mmm let me count up the projects of yours I know of...

Originally Posted by doppler View Post
Alex, here's my solution. A couple of square plates holes drilled and a wooden spacer for the mount to sit in, there is a central hole in the plate to bolt the mount down. The bottom plate is welded to the pier. The plates I used are cantilever umbrella bolt down bases, pre drilled and threaded.

Thanks that helps.

Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
$20 worth of scrap 8mm aluminium plate, some stainless bolts and countersunk screws from below. You do need a recess in your pier top plate for the centre bolt and a very solid 12mm overhanging pier cap plate on 80 mm solid bar. (If you wish to bolt from below but I suppose you could tap the plate.)

Cutting a 60mm hole in the plates is the fun part.
Far too flash Ray. Very nice but I have no where to get plate easy.
But I am getting ideas.

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