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Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
You may find that digging hole and filling with concrete is no better than bolting steel to existing slab if it is reinforced correctly and is on good footings.

I have a steel pier on a slab on filled and reinforced concrete block work, again on footings and piers in clay. I can walk around while imaging.

The problem is the additional weight you are adding with a tall concrete pier unless it is above existing concrete footings of a reasonable standard. And then , in clay , it would require deep drilled concrete piers to keep stable over time and moisture levels depending on slope and clay depth. Only an engineer with a drill log report could answer these questions more exactly.
Hello Ray, ok then sounds like sound advise.
The concrete patio floor I would expect is as per standard concrete laying. its been down some 30yrs.
I now have to decide what size steel pipe to use.
It has to go up about 2.3m to the proposed deck height then I am anticipating going up another 1.4-1.5m for the scope and mount to sit upon.
For this I am also thinking 200mm dia.
Any suggestions??
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