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Question New Elivated Peir Construction Q's

Hi all, this is my 1st post here and I only joined recently.
I need to replace the end part of my house length Patio which is of timber construction.

What I'd like to do is construct a Viewing deck on top of the end part of the Patio, and then with a concrete pier prob made from concrete blocks (Bessa Blocks) up to the deck level then have either a concrete filled Storm Pipe (200mm) or a steel pipe up the remaining of the height required to take my telescope a Celestron Nexstar SE8. Currently AltAz but will later make a Wedge for it).

At the base at ground level there is concrete which I'm thinking of cutting a 1msq hole then digging a cubic meter hole below and filled with reinforcing and concrete to steady/brace everything.

For the Pier, up from the ground I am thinking 1 and a 1/2 blocks square filled with concrete and reinforcing rods.
Deck height above ground is about 8 feet, then approx. another 4 foot to the scope baseplate.

My Q is, is this over kill or not enough to keep my scope steady when viewing and imaging and from vibrations?
The ground in general is Clay.
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