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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
Welcome to Iceinspace.
For your first scope a 6 or 8 inch dob would be a great choice.
They are great all round scopes.
You can do very limited photography with a dob (which is really the mount part of the set up) and for photography you will need an equatorial mount...and you can take the scope in your dob and add a bracket so it will ride on an eq (equatorial mount) and use an ordinary DSLR fitted with an adaptor (t ring) that enables attaching it to the scope.
But dont rush into the photography just enjoy the visual side for starters.
And dont get carried away with buying accessories. .its a trap☺. If you buy new you will also get a couple of eye pieces happy with those for a long while...good luck and let us know what you buy...Two good vendors are Bintel and Andrews Communications...chech out each.
Hi Alex,

Thank you. Any particular brand between Skywatchers and Bintel?
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