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Hi Deepak,

Iíve never owned a dob but Iíve head plenty of good stories about them from a lot of people and it seems like bang for buck thatís the way to go. Iíve got Maks , SCTs, Newts and a refractor and theyíre all good at what they do but none are good at everything. As far as moon and planets go Iíd suggest an SCT. The draw back is also their pitfall. Long focal lengths require decent alignment to stop things drifting quickly out of view but that focal length is great magnification with a shorter OTA. I love my Newts for imaging although I have and do image with the SCTs too. Shorter focal lengths and faster F ratios capture light quicker and give you a big field of view and theyíre considerably cheaper per apature, but fast scopes create field curvature which means objects outside the center of the field of view can lose focus unless youíre using something else in the optic train to compensate for this. Last bit not least is the refractor. Not cheap for larger apatures and they can suffer from chromatic aberration ( certainly on the less than premium ones ). They are quite compact though and give you ease of use with no collimation. For all of these there are pros and cons. Choose a scope that works well for you primarily want to use it for and get something easy to use so that you use it more.

Hope this helps
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