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Canon 500mm F4 L I lens

Greetings people, new on this site and some good info. My question is does anyone here use their prime canon Lenses such as the 500mm L to shoot Astro? If so what set have you used? I am used to taking milky way shots with my smaller 2.8 lenses etc but having a hard time getting the aperture and shutter right on planetary. I stopped down the lens last night to f 34 but was still too bright on mars and it appeared as just an orange blob. I know the tripod i am using is no good as its not sturdy enough for these type of shots and am looking at getting an eq6 pro at some stage and mounting rings for the lens to make it not flex as they do unlike telescopes. I use a Canon 5DSR on mirror lock up a second prior to shutter release however I think with the tripod I use, (benro terrestrial) there is too much vibration/ movement. This lens is unforgiving with this type of photo work especially when I also use a 1.4x converter making it a 700mm focal. Moon shots no dramas but for bodies further away, sheeesh
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