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High resolution imaging


So im wanting to do some high resolution imaging of deep sky objects, eta Carina star etc. and eventually some planets.

Im using a PW 12.5 scope at native f8, 2.5m focal length, with a stl11000 - 9 micron pixels. The mount is a software bisque PME. I want to use a 2" Televue powermate but the question is do i go for the 2x or 4x ??

I know its going to much harder to guide at 10m FL than at 5m, but im willing to try either.

If i go the 2x powermate, and later get a planetary camera with say 3.75 micron pixels, it should work out ok (maybe still under sampled) judging by the 1st post here by Ray. So maybe a 4x would be better for this situation??

Im also keen to give a 4x powermate a shot on deep sky objects.

What are the thoughts of others?

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