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hi Bo,

suggest you try the following.

1. verify your start / park position. try and get RA as close to 90deg or vertical and dec as parallel to your eq6 body as possible. some use a bubble level or inclinometer to do this.
2. watch for drift in Dec only. ignore drift in RA. Choose a star at the intersection of the meridian and equator that's at zero dec. observe drift in dec, and adjust your azimuth till drift is negligible over atleast 2 or 3 minutes.
3. choose a star below 25deg in alt/az in the west or east, and again watch for drift in dec. adjust the elevation to get the drift negligible.

once done, check the sync points in eqmod. make sure they're zero.
slew to a bright star, manually centre with your game controller or buttons in eqmod, sync (usually ctrl+3). you should see the reticule/scope indicator in stellarium move to the star. repeat for atleast 2 or 3 more that are as far apart as possible and across the meridian.
once done, save your sync points in eqmod and tick the two boxes to load/save on park/startup.
this way as long as you park and don't loosen the clutches, your pointing will be fine and should land targets on the centre.

for imaging runs, choose a relatively bright star near your target, slew and sync on that, and then goto your target. that should keep building your sync model and improve your pointing accuracy.

if you've done most of this and its still bad, its more likely backlash than PE. can you feel play in any of the axes?


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