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Periodic error or drift alignment issue?

Finally managed to get things going again after a break. I set up my ED80 on EQ6, running EQMOD and Stellarium.
A couple of issues and questions for more experienced members:

1. The target in scope is slightly off centre from Stellarium. By the time I centre it on the finderscope, it has moved "off target" on Stellarium. How do I go about re-centering it back? I tried pressing the "Align Accept" button on my pad controller on EQMOD, but it didn't do anything

2. I managed to get drift align working on a couple of stars. One in Orion low in the west and Canopus overhead. I can get 60-90 secs via Drift in Backyard EOS. I can get 3-4 good 60 sec sub exposures, but then it starts drifting again. Similarly for 90 sec subs, I can do one good one then the next 2-3 will have trails Is this drift alignment error or periodic error?

Thanks for your help in advance!
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