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[QUOTE=EzyStyles]The Baader 2" filters don't fit straight on a lense unless the lense is modded or you will need some sort of adapter to it.

My B+W 486 filter just turned up today - it's a 58 mm to fit over a lens. To me, it looks the same (and has almost the same specs) as the 2" Baader - only it's bigger. And it cost 30% less.

B+W also do a 48 x 0.75 mm (ie a 2" eyepiece thread) for $105 which is $50 cheaper than the Baader.

The B+W 489 UV/IR filter that turned up last week is quite different - it is an green-tinted absorption filter (but with anti-reflection coating), rather than a multicoated reflection filter like the Baader and the B+W 486.

Maybe if I can get hold of a spectrograph I'll compare them all and post the results.

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