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Originally Posted by iceman
Anyway I hope i've helped a bit.
Yeah, you have... I wasn't sure how effective some of that post-processing would be on the noise...

I've been pouring over whatever data I can find to try and help this decision out. Since this will be my first digital SLR the 10mp is tempting, but realistically I know it's not much of a jump from an 8mp camera anyway. The real issue is the fact that all those 40D rumors were false and I'm faced with choosing a known quantity (a 30d) or an unknown with several features that would be nice.

I looked at the 20Da in the past but I intend to use this camera for regular photography and don't want to spend the extra cash needed to retrofit it with the appropriate filters and stuff. I'm mostly a beginner when it comes to astrophotography so I still need a versatile camera.

The dust-reduction feature on the 400D seems very useful, especially since I'll be taking the lens off a lot. There is also 'noise reduction' filtering that can be done by the camera itself and turned on or off, however I consider that an unknown quantity since I have a tendancy to distrust 'automatic' things. heh

I actually went over my lunchbreak today and found one at the local camera store... it's smaller and lighter than the 30d/20d which may be nice when mounting on a scope (200g difference) but actually makes it a bit less comfortable in the hand.

The 30D has some awesome things as well that I can see might be useful, like the higher (and more plentiful) ISO settings, but then again I know the noise at higher ISO's are worse too. The controls are a bit more convenient and it's a KNOWN quantity.

From where I'm sitting now, it seems like as an entry-level hobbyist, the 400D is a good buy and I should use the 400$ savings (over a 30d) on some good glass... but I wanted to get some thoughts from the rest of you and find out if there were any 'gotchas' that might come back and bite me later.

Thanks for your help!

P.S. Like the site design. I run a VBulletin forum too... was never able to integrate it into the front page as well as you have. heh
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