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Originally Posted by sunslayr View Post
I haven't really found any advantage to using filters when looking at planets. In my opinion there is more to gain by using a better quality eyepiece rather then trying to pick out detail by blocking out light, other than a moon filter for making Luna a little easier on the eyes. Now deep space objects on the other hand, that's where something like a city light suppression filter (cls) or an ultra high contrast (uhc) filter really comes in handy for picking out the faint fuzzies. It's probably worth picking up a good quality uhc filter from Astronomik or Baader you might just find you never take it out.

Thanks. I'm researching better eye pieces at the minute, and I've also ordered a barlow as I really want to maintain good eye relief.

I am tempted on cls. I haven't tried for any DSO's yet (too busy with the planets and stars) but it's only a matter of time.
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