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Advice on Filter purchase

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if someone could recommend a filter or two to get me on my way.

I've recently picked up an Astro Fi 6, which is finally looking pretty good (goto setup almost finally mastered).

So initially, and with a few planets on offer at the moment, I would like to consider buying a couple of filters.

One is to benefit the view of Jupiter, and the other from what I have read, is to remove some of the local light (I'm in central Adelaide).

Does that sound about right? We already have one for the moon which I think is ok.

I know there is a huge amount of information out there, almost a little too much, so I just throught I would throw this one out there to those that know.

Currently, I'm viewing through a 25 and 10 mil Kellner, both of which came with the scope. I do have a Celestron Barlow on the way (I want that eye relief!) and over time I will be upgrading the standard eye peices that came with this scope.

Likewise, if you know of a few suppliers out there which are worth checking, please let me know.

So far, I've seen only the major ones which throw up results through the usual search engines.

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