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Excellent Evan!

That is a very capable instrument

My first "real" scope was a 5" SCT. It showed me not only the Cassini Division in Saturn's rings for the first time, but also the Martian polar ice caps and angle's-breath-like clouds on Mars (an 80A filter helps), and the Great Red Spot on Jupiter (an 80A also helps). It is also able to show a shadow transit on Jupiter

And no slouch with DSO's, Omega Cent. resolved, Eta Carina (ramp up the magnification on the Homunculus Neb - it's the bipolar neb that surrounds the star Eta Carina itself), M20 & M8. From a dark site Centaurus A, M104, even Markarian's Chain is worth a shot!

Heck, from home even have a crack at some of the brighter planetary nebulae - Ghost of Jupiter, Saturn Nebula, Blue Planetary and a bunch of others. A 12mm to 14mm eyepiece is a good focal length with that scope for these and globular clusters. The exit pupil it provides is a good contrast sweet spot with that scope

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