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Originally Posted by ecsaow View Post
if I can avoid using a dew heater will be great for me, because if I start using cables and power banks, it all gets a bit much for me and I usually dont end up going out.
If the corrector starts developing dew with the dewshield, you can use a hair drier to GENTLY dry it out. Don't go hard with the heat. Minimal heat is all that's needed.

My place is very dewy - vegie patch, turf and big park next to me. Occassionally I need the hair drier. With the Mak this is a lot less often than with the SCT (SCT has a thinner corrector).

I have concerns about dew straps - we fret fuss about about cooling our scopes, and we then start sticking heaters all over the place. Dew heaters can have a place, but their use needs to be carefully thought about and applied. Remember, professional observatories DON'T use heat. Ever. There's other means. I've started experimenting with some of this, and the results are stunning! And not a heating element anywhere!
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