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I can attest to the virtue of insulating vs cooling down of a Mak/SCT also...

I will gratefully acknowledge both Alex & Wavytone for introducing me to this.

I was skeptical at first, particularly since I live in FNQ where the temps are very warm & the air is very moist; I wasn't convinced that it would do anything for me as typically I would be taking a cool scope (from an airconditioned house) into a warm, humid night particularly during our wet season (if & when the clouds & rain allow).

Dew formation when just using a standard dew shield was very quick & then had to be defeated with a dew strap which then introduced thermal currents in the tube....

With insulation & dew shield formed by the extended insulation, my SCT & now my Mak (replaced the SCT) go for much longer before forming any dew on the corrector & thus, I don't bother with a dew heater anymore...

As Alex stated, I can pretty much get going at whatever power I want as soon as I am setup...

I've gone from skeptic to convert by seeing the practical gains in insulating my Mak vs letting it cool down...

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