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Hey Jeremy
I hear you, and agree, its still a low cost scope and a beginners, and your right in that a reflector with larger aperture maybe 6"/8"would probably be the same price.

I need something that I'm going to use continuously and that is ergonomic in size.

Even my 4"inch achro is sometimes a pain with some of the viewing positions you can end up in.

I know I'm whinging, but I find myself using my SW Startravel f/5 120 moreso than the f/10 achro, even though its more for wide FOV.

I have figured that "5-6" of any type of scope would be my limit for portability and practicality of use. I use a SW Stardiscovery mount,manually, without the GOTO the batteries are out, so its just a light simple mount.

Would rather be out there with something small and compact that I can pick up with one hand. For me, the bigger, the more awkward, and in the end the less use.
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