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ecsaow (Evan)
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Hey Raymo, thanks for your thoughts
I'm not to bothered at the moment with getting into to AP.
I'm mainly using my little setup in a light polluted urban area, and so for me Moon, planets and some additional extras will suffice.

The cooling down aspect of the scope is not that problematic for me, I simply pop my scope out on the balcony, an hour or so before.

My line of thinking was that a MAK might give me a more APO like experience without the price tag for similar aperture Apo

And like you say, its all about compromises, but you've helped me confirm my thoughts about it, as I ordered one yesterday, so should be arriving this week. Will set the 2 up side by side and see if the reality matches. Of course as soon as it arrives the I expect the skies will be terrible, so will probably sit there looking at the thing for a week or so before I can test it out.

Appreciate the pros & cons,

Cheers Evan
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