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For $400 it’s a good deal on a 10” , just be cautious about your payload on that Az EQ mount
My 8” f5 with camera , guide scope , mini auto focuser , finder , dew heaters and cables weighs in at nearly 14kg on my EQ6-R mount which is just about its limit for sub arc sec guiding. My EQ6-R has a total payload rating of 20kg ( AP rating of recommended 65% which is 13 to 14 kg )
The 10” with bells and whistles would be up around 17 or 18kg ??
Just a heads up
Payload weight and good balancing is paramount for good guiding and obviously chasing after faint fuzzies
Cloudy Nights has some good posts on 8” and 10” newts for AP
I was originally going for a 10” but chose the 8” and glad I did , the 10” is a big beast on a tripod mount , ok if on a fixed pier
Good luck with it !!
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