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Hi Adrian,

thanks for your post - but it doesn't really help.

I basically already knew everything that you said. What I'm after is someone who has fitted the Baader filter to a 20/30D/a as I think that there may be a few issues when the filter is fitted to one of these. Is your camera a 300 or 350 or 20 or 30 or????

Also who in Australia can fit them? I phoned a few camera repair places and they all refused - the one guy that had done something similar said that although he is deperate for money, he isn't that desperate. Canon won't return calls and the one time I spoke to a real human (actually I was transferred 8 times during the call) he basically could not understand what I was saying. For some reason the concept of removing an internal filter and replacing it with another one was beyond his understanding.

By the way, how does your camera go for normal photography? Do you use a IR blocking filter over the lens, under the lens or white-ballance control or software afterwards to correct the colour?
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