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app for the NGC catalog

Hello everybody,

I would like to present you NGC Miner, an innovative iPad app, made to assist you
with exploring the NGC & IC catalogues, keeping a digital observation log and wandering across the NASA SkyView photo sky.

- Features of NGC Miner:

* Extraction of information that meets specific criteria such as

- Object class, such as galaxies, nebulae etc.
- Object subclass, such as E5, Sc galaxies etc.
- R.A & Declination
- Constellation
- Magnitude
- Surface Brightness
- Dimensions
- Distance
- Position Angle
- Common Name

* Data and photos of deep sky objects only a few taps away.
* Observing notes by acclaimed observer Steve Gottlieb.
(Entire NGC and 870 IC object descriptions)
* Exploration of photo sky with pan & zoom
* Automatic identification of objects in photo sky.
* Beautiful & intuitive user interface.
* Smart observation data log.
* Alternative photo display (invert, grid, etc)
* Fast retrieval of object thumbnails.
* Night Mode.
* Interactive FOV window.
* NASA SkyView or SDSS photos.
* Rise/Transit/Set times.
* Altitude/Azimuth graph.
* Map for selecting observatory location.
* Messier catalog.
* Horizontal and vertical flip buttons in photo sky
* Other smaller features

For more info, screenshots and video tutorials about NGC Miner please visit

Made by an amateur Astronomer for amateur and professional Astronomers!

Thank you and happy NGC Mining!


iOS Developer
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