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As an alternative to trying to use a DSLR in LiveView, what about a low-cost high-sensitivity colour star-cam (like a ZWO MC or Orion StarShoot or similar) and a cheap 8" - 10" Windows tablet computer (which you can pick up for a couple of hundred dollars). You can set the camera for "moderately long" exposures of 10 - 30 seconds say, and get a refresh on screen for every frame. It's almost the same thing as true 'live" viewing, but will give you much greater sensitivity and ease of use than trying to use a DSLR for visual amplification. An 8" - 10" Windows tablet can give a pretty good image when you view the camera preview window in full-screen mode.

(Just make sure the camera is capable of long time exposures for DSOs, not just a short-exposure planetary video webcam camera.)
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