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Hi Craig,

First off if you haven't already connected the 350D to the telescope you will need an adapter that replaces the 350D Lens.
This adapter then slides into your focuser, however with the CCD chip embedded deep inside the camera body achieving focus may be difficult and a modification to the telescope may be warranted.

Secondly I believe the 350D does not have Live View, I thought the 450D was the first with Live View.

Assuming it does have Live View, only bright objects, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and M42 will be possible in video mode. Anything dimmer will need longer exposure times (welcome to Astro-Photography) to build up a decent picture.

Detail and colour again is dependent on exposure time. Image Scale is dependent on the size of the CCD chip, but should be equivalent to the FOV of your lowest magnification eyepiece.

If you are interested in Video Astronomy, Stargazers Lounge have a dedicated forum for this, check it out may give you more information of what can be achieved.

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