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Congratulations Andy, Peter, Phil and all the others who were shortlisted!

Some amazing images again this year - from year to year there are often big steps up in the standard of images and to me it's most noticeable this year in Widefield (perhaps because it's a category that I entered - I'm not surprised my entry in Widefield didn't make the cut after seeing the finalists).

I managed a gong this year in the open themed section so will also be heading out to Parkes next weekend and I'm looking forward to catching up with other IISers. Funnily enough my shortlisted image was my least favourite amongst all those I entered (including two others taken during the same lunar eclipse). I guess David sometimes sees something we don't?

Commiserations Andyc and Paul - your planetary images are absolutely brilliant and clearly deserving of recognition - such are the vagaries of a multi-category competition I guess.
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