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Originally Posted by Analog6 View Post
I've downloaded SEM but it looked so tricky I gave up. Guess some study is needed.
So tricky? Yet so powerful...

For example for scripting the partial phases this is all you need:
TAKEPIC,MAGPRE (VAR) ,+,00:00.0,40D,1/500,8.0,100,2.0,RAW,None,Y,Partial
TAKEPIC,MAGPOST (VAR),+,00:00.0,40D,1/500,8.0,100,2.0,RAW,None,Y,Partial
And there is a script wizard to guide you.

Let me know if you need any help and don't forget I'll be attending the QLD Astrofest from the 16th to 19th and will participate with Terry to a talk addressing this topic and others on Friday Aug. 17th.

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